Cardiac Surgery

An alternative way towards healthy life…

Cardiac Surgery - An alternative way towards healthy life…

Prevent Work from Causing Heart Problems

With each job role there are inherent risks which have the ability to affect workers both mentally and physically. Each day thousands of people are diagnosed with a heart condition but are unaware at just how much of the issue could have been accredited to their working environment.


It’s fair to say that work can get stressful, no matter how much you enjoy your job there will be times in which you are given a new target or revenue to explore. During these periods, we may find ourselves becoming increasingly stressed out to the point where we could be damaging our well-being. Now I am not saying that all challenges are bad and should therefore be avoided at all costs, I am merely advising not to let it get the better of you to the point where you are worrying about it outside of work.


Many studies conducted in recent years have lead experts to believe that small amounts of stress can actually be beneficial and can even boost our ability to remember information; however there quickly becomes a point where this is no longer valid. When this happens, the person in question may begin developing all manner of health issues.


A person who is overly stressed may find themselves suffering with insomnia and their eating habits may become irregular. If left unnoticed, these issues can quickly progress into more severe problems such as heart failure, anxiety, panic attacks and an increased susceptibility to viruses.


Knowing when you are becoming stressed is one of the easiest ways to remedy it, if you find that you are becoming stressed in a certain situation it may be a wise idea to note this down and try to avoid/ prepare any future encounters of the same nature. Many stress suffers have expressed that they feel overwhelmed when they are unable to find time for themselves. Workaholics regularly continue working outside of hours giving them very little time to enjoy themselves.


Finding a short period of time in which you can do something that you enjoy will be beneficial to manage stress levels even if it is just spending half an hour each night watching a television program that you enjoy or even having a day out during the weekend in which your mind is not preoccupied with work.


Getting stressed is not the only worry that we need to consider when we think out causes for health issues. Many workers, especially those in heavy industry regularly come into contact with chemicals and materials that can be detrimental to your well-being.


During the 20th century, asbestos was utilized as an insulator for hundreds of thousands of buildings. Asbestos however is now labelled as a carcinogen meaning that it has the potential to cause cancer amongst many other illnesses. As such thousands of industrial workers have developed often fatal health issues including pericardial mesothelioma (a cancer of the sac surrounding the heart) due to severe negligence from employers. Billions of dollars have been paid out by these companies to employees who are seeking asbestos compensation from the employer that should have protected them.


If you work with dangerous chemicals your employer should be taking precautions to limit exposure to a minimum. This can include an array of PPE (personal protective equipment) such as respirator filters and full body overalls. Many employers will also monitor the time spent working with the material and will implement rotas etc to limit exposure.


As explained, your work can have a detrimental affect on your heart but you shouldn’t let it. Controlling your stress levels and environment will avoid any issues occurring. More care should be taken if there is a history of heart issues in your family. This should even go down to your diet as your job may dictate how, when and what you eat.

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